Statement Of Breakthrough Prize Foundation In Response To The Current War In Ukraine

Future thinking must prevent wars.

Albert Einstein

The Breakthrough Prize Foundation was established to help nurture humanity’s highest qualities. Honesty. Curiosity. Creativity. These values are at the root of all scientific progress. Science looks forward. It is our only reliable way to predict and protect the future, through the knowledge it reaps and the technologies it seeds.

War is the opposite. It shows humanity at its worst. It feeds on lies, prejudice, destructiveness. It breaks us apart, and chains us to the errors of the past. The current war in Ukraine is no exception.

The Enlightenment began half a millennium ago. Today, we have the knowledge to build a long, brilliant future for all humanity. But we will not reach it unless we are prepared to leave the anachronism of war behind.

In the light of the devastating war and tragic humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine, the Breakthrough Prize Foundation today pledges to make an emergency donation of $3 million to help the victims of the conflict. The funds will go to an international relief organization.

Stephen Hawking was convinced that humans must gain control over our aggressive instincts in order to survive. We owe it to ourselves, and the whole planet, to embrace our highest qualities.

S. Pete Worden

S. Pete Worden

Breakthrough Prize Foundation