Breakthrough Prize Foundation Partners With Leading Israeli Universities to Support Ukrainian Scientists

As part of a $3 million fund pledged to support scientists who have been forced to flee from Ukraine, the Breakthrough Prize Foundation announced a donation of $500,000 million to a consortium of universities led by Tel Aviv University and including the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Technion. The universities are creating a special program of emergency fellowships to enable the scientists to maintain their livelihoods and continue their research while the conflict continues.

The program will create emergency fellowships, which will enable recipients to continue with their scientific studies in Israel. As well as accommodation costs and living expenses, the program will also cover some work-related costs, such as trips to conferences.

Israel is expected to receive up to 15,000 refugees from the conflict in Ukraine, in addition to those able to emigrate under the country’s Law of Return. With millions of civilians already displaced, and Ukrainian universities and research centers severely impacted by the war, that number will undoubtedly include many scientists. The Foundation and the three universities hope that the funds will help to sustain researchers and their families, and allow them to continue contributing to the world’s knowledge during the crisis.