Starshot Breakthrough Initiative

Breakthrough Starshot begins as a research and development program, aiming to demonstrate proof of concept for ultra-fast light-driven nanocrafts.

The work will be done by our team of renowned scientists, engineers and aerospace experts, based across numerous world-class universities and research centers. We will also be funding research grants (see below). In addition, we welcome contributions from specialists in the relevant fields, and from the public. The Breakthrough Starshot initiative will be establishing a research grant program, and will make available other funding to support relevant scientific and engineering research and development.

The Breakthrough Initiatives are committed to open access, open data and full transparency in research.

The light beamer, lightsail and StarChip concept is based entirely on research that is in the public domain. All sources referred to in the development process so far are listed below.

All theoretical and experimental data produced by the program over the coming years will be posted here.

Interstellar Travel

Technical Books on Interstellar Travel

Papers on Interstellar Travel and Beamed Laser Propulsion

Papers on ChipSats/WaferSats/Femtosats

High Reflectivity Sail Surface

Atacama Site Seeing and Solar Power

Laser Filamentation

Solar System Dust

Potential for planets in the Alpha Centauri system